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Other Programmes

Oakwood Learning has a number of other business programmes which it has run in the past few years. These include:

Successful performance reviews
All too often performance reviews / appraisals are perceived negatively with many employees feeling that the exercise is little more than a form-filling activity. This programme will change that perception and will lift your appraisals to a new level where both appraiser and appraisee will benefit from:
  1. A strengthened relationship
  2. Improved appraisal outcomes with tangible targets being set
  3. A more methodical approach to preparing for the appraisal
Recruitment & Selection
This programme takes you through the whole process of recruiting from start to finish including the interview process. It includes guidance on selecting the criteria for a particular role, how to short-list candidates for interview stage, how to prepare for interviewing a candidate and key interviewing techniques that will lead you to select the most appropriate candidate. In short the investment in this programme will save you endless hours in interviewing and candidate short-listing and will greatly improve your chances of finding the best candidate.
Consultancy Skills
This programme is aimed at people who have an internal consultancy role, that is they offer a service to their business and have a client base (within the company) to satisfy. The programme covers the key approaches and techniques that will enable the internal consultant to become more focussed, efficient and effective. The programme content includes well-tested techniques for obtaining 'buy-in' and cooperation from your colleagues.
Trainer to Facilitator/
This programme is designed for existing trainers who are keen to improve their performance and ensure that the training programmes they run are memorable, fun and motivating. We will guide you on how to make the programmes more inter-active, how to bring alive the programme content and how to conclude with a powerful summary.
Time management
Achieve your goals and still have time to play! This programme enables you to look at how you are managing your workload and the time available. It gives you approaches and methods to really get organised.