The Tipping Point Workshop

We are very pleased to offer a new course 'The Tipping Point'; this is an exciting new approach to change that allows us to understand how change happens, how to create positive change and how to achieve lasting results and contagious commitment. The Tipping Point recognises that successful change can be 'contagious'. That change happens when people actually modify their behaviour and they move from being disconnected to being committed to that change.

This one day programme uses a computer run business simulation in order to understand the complexities of change. It is unique in that the workshop participants are able to use the seven levers of change and to see the impact on an organization of using various combinations of these levers.

The Tipping Point programme is effective because the facilitated workshop involves participants. It's fun and the simulation is practical and engaging. The competition built into the workshop adds a dimension that increases people's involvement. In short this is real learning in real time that will lead to real business results.

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