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Team Development

Our specialists provide a comprehensive range of team development services. All our team events are bespoke. We tailor them to your organisation's needs and wants to ensure that they are highly powerful learning experiences.

1. The Oakwood Team Development Process

Our guiding philosophy is that 'the total is greater than the sum of the parts.' In our team programmes, teams go through a process of establishing high levels of openness, communication and trust. The team analyse where they are in terms of team performance, and develop a practical plan for how they are going to improve once back in the office. Team exercises are carried out in order to enable the team to become more proficient when interacting among themselves and to raise awareness of team issues and dynamics. These programmes can be run indoors or outdoors dependent on the needs of the team, the organisation and of course - the weather!

2. Team Refresher Programme

We offer fun and challenging team events designed for business teams who are in need of a respite from the office environment. These programmes enable the team to:

  • take stock of the current situation
  • discover (or re-discover) shared values and objectives
  • develop mutual respect and trust
  • have some fun whilst carrying out team-building exercises
This programme is ideal for teams in need of inspiration and a break from the day-to-day pressures of the commercial world. The objective is for the team to return from the course reinvigorated with a renewed sense of purpose. The programme can be run indoors or outdoors at a variety of centres that we use around the country.

3. New Teams Accelerated Programme

Our experience and research has taught us that teams often take considerably longer that one would anticipate to attain an effective level of performance. This programme accelerates the rate of team development with the result that teams reach an optimal level of performance in minimal time - thereby having a direct positive impact on the bottom line.

This programme can be built around a working issue such as clarifying team goals, strategy, plans and roles. The programme is ideal for new teams and teams that have been assigned to a project.

4. Team Problem Solving Programme

Unfortunately some teams arrive at an impasse where they are not working together efficiently. Consequently projects take much longer than expected, distrust develops among team members with individuals or splinter groups working in silos and the organisation suffers as a whole as deadlines are missed. This programme helps to open up and unblock the issues that are hindering effective team performance.

5. Self Directed Work Team Programme

As a leading organisation in this field, we firmly believe that the route to top team performance is for teams to take responsibility for themselves. Once this is done well, they themselves will start solving the issues as they arise, leaving the leader free to look at longer-term strategic issues.

In this programme teams learn about 'self direction', become skilled at problem solving, and learn how to take ownership for their own team's ouput.