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Team Programme

2. Team Refresher Programme

About the programme

We offer fun and challenging team events designed for business teams who are in need of a respite from the office environment. These programmes enable the team to:

  • take stock of the current situation
  • discover (or re-discover) shared values and objectives
  • develop mutual respect and trust
  • have some fun whilst carrying out team-building exercises
This programme is ideal for teams in need of inspiration and a break from the day-to-day pressures of the commercial world. The objective is for the team to return from the course reinvigorated with a renewed sense of purpose. The programme can be run indoors or outdoors at a variety of centres that we use around the country.

  • Re-establish and strengthen relationships within the team
  • Refocus on a goal or aim
  • Refresh, relax and revitalize

As a result of this programme teams have a shared positive experience which will be talked about for months and sometimes years!

Who is this for?

  • Teams at any level
  • Any established team that is performing well and wants to continue doing so.