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Team Programme

4. Team Problem Solving Programme

About the programme

Unfortunately some teams arrive at an impasse where they are not working together efficiently. Consequently projects take much longer than expected, distrust develops among team members with individuals or splinter groups working in silos and the organisation suffers as a whole as deadlines are missed. This programme helps to open up and unblock the issues that are hindering effective team performance. This is achieved by the team completing a variety of exercises designed to:

  1. improve communication
  2. re-build trust in each other
  3. achieve buy-in for a shared objective(s)
  4. move the team away from a blame culture to one of mutual support and a sense of self-responsibility.

  • Unblocks a team that is stuck and hence is not performing at its' optimum potential
  • Re-aligns the team around a common goal
  • Teaches the team how to solve its own problems
  • Builds up more support and trust

Who is this for?

Teams at any level who are experiencing difficulties or are not performing well.