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Team Programme

1. The Oakwood Team Development Process

About the programme

Our guiding philosophy is that 'the total is greater than the sum of the parts.' In our team programmes, teams go through a process of establishing high levels of openness, communication and trust. The team analyse where they are in terms of team performance, and develop a practical plan for how they are going to improve once back in the office. Team exercises are carried out in order to enable the team to become more proficient when interacting among themselves and to raise awareness of team issues and dynamics. These programmes can be run indoors or outdoors dependent on the needs of the team, the organisation and of course - the weather!


As a result of attending this programme teams will:

  • Be communicating more effectively among themselves
  • Know how to work towards a common goal
  • Have learned the importance of developing mutual trust
  • Know how to exploit individual skills and competences
  • Have an in-depth understanding of team dynamics
  • Be able to tackle current issues/problems that they face
  • Have been exposed to some key problem solving methodologies
  • Be able to use different ways of influencing each other to achieve improved results and working relationships
  • Know how to create a positive team environment and minimise conflict
  • Understand teams, how they develop and what is needed from a leader

Who is this for?

It can be used for teams of any level and for:

  • Teams that are preparing for a new project or venture
  • Teams that are experiencing business or relational problems
  • Teams that are in need of a team 'MOT'
  • New teams - particularly when individuals are drawn together from different departments and disciplines within a business
  • Cross-cultural teams - when different nationalities need to work together
  • New leaders who have responsibility for developing a team