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Team Programme

3. New Teams Accelerated Programme

About the programme

Our experience and research has taught us that teams often take considerably longer that one would anticipate to attain an effective level of performance. This programme accelerates the rate of team development with the result that teams reach an optimal level of performance in minimal time - thereby having a direct positive impact on the bottom line.

This programme can be built around a working issue such as clarifying team goals, strategy, plans and roles. The programme is ideal for new teams and teams that have been assigned to a project.

  • Moves the team through forming to performing in a greatly reduced time, thus enabling them to be functional more rapidly.
  • Increases performance and business results
  • Establishes good working relationships
  • Prevents issues which may impact on performance at a later date.

Who is this for?

  • Teams at any level.
  • New teams
  • Project teams
  • Geographically diverse teams
  • Teams that have been 'bruised' by organisational change