Client Testimonials

Oakwood Learning has a broad client base ranging from multi-national PLC's to Government services. The high level of repeat business we achieve is due, we feel, to the quality of our coaching and training and our ability to adapt to our clients' needs. See below for some client comments.

Oakwood Learning has worked with us over a number of years providing leadership programmes, influencing training as well as coaching for a number of our executives. Their input has provided essential expert development for our current and future leaders in the business. They come with our highest recommendation.

Melanie Fyans
Head of Career Development
Nationwide Building Society

Oakwood learning facilitated our senior team meeting expertly. As a result of the facilitation, the team made considerable steps forward in its decision making. This in turn has helped our business clarify and attain its goals. The team all noted how helpful it was to have such an expert facilitator there. I would recommend Oakwood Learning to anyone looking for a way to increase the optimum use of their meetings and their decision making process.

James Foster
BPTA Manager
Credit Suisse

Thank you for your input and facilitation of our meeting yesterday. Your energy and involvement were fantastic. We really moved forward and made some key business decisions in a short space of time. It was the most effectively we had worked as a team.

Robert Dickie
Commercial Director
International Investment Bank

I know from talking to the team yesterday, they all (without exception) have gained from the "emotional rollercoaster" which you encouraged them to ride during the previous three days. Running a team event such as this can be high risk (from a delegate/sponsors) perspective - that risk has really been translated into reward. Thanks again for your support.

Margit Jones
I.T. Manager
Threadneedle Investments

I want to personally thank you for the skill you demonstrated last week, and how it helped me both personally and as a professional. Your examples really brought the subject alive and I need that framework to hang the learning on. It was challenging on a personal level, as it put me out on the edge with regard to my own skill level; I am grateful to say that I was able to work on areas that have long since been an area of concern to me.

Donna Poskit
Training Consultant
Nationwide Building Society