Consulting Services

At Oakwood Learning our aim is to provide you, the client, with the exact service that you require. Our approach is somewhat unique in that we consider the most fundamental meeting we will hold with you is the first one, when we determine together exactly what your needs are:

  • We will look beyond the surface 'presenting issue' to work with you on solutions that directly address the issue
  • We work in partnership with our clients; that is, jointly owning and working on a long term solution
  • We are upfront and honest; if we cannot provide a solution to the issue, we will say so and provide you with names of people/organisations that can.
Our consultants are highly experienced at dealing with teams and individuals at all levels of a business and have worked across many industries. They have all been leaders and managers within business. Each is a top business psychologist with years of experience and training behind them.

We carry out consultancy on many different facets of a business but we are best known for our work on Change Management, Team Development and Facilitation.

1. Change Management Case Study

We were recently asked by an IT function of a large financial institution to assist them in resolving a significant internal issue. The new IT manager had realised that historically people were being paid at one level in the hierarchy, but generally carrying out the functions of the level below. For example, the strategists were fixing the difficult technical problems, the senior technicians were fixing mundane technical issues etc.

2. Facilitation Case Study

Our consultants are expert facilitators and are often asked to facilitate meetings in organisations.

In this case Oakwood Learning were recently asked to facilitate the Board Meeting of a renowned international investment bank that was planning a major change of strategy in their business. With board members of a number of different nationalities and cultures involved the decision making process was often too long, cumbersome and politically-driven. Our brief was to improve the overall effectiveness of the Board. We helped individuals to work constructively with their fellow board members and assisted them in devising and agreeing an effective modus operandi for future decision-making.