2. Facilitation Case Study

Our consultants are expert facilitators and are often asked to facilitate meetings in organisations.

In this case Oakwood Learning were recently asked to facilitate the Board Meeting of a renowned international investment bank that was planning a major change of strategy in their business. With board members of a number of different nationalities and cultures involved the decision making process was often too long, cumbersome and politically-driven. Our brief was to improve the overall effectiveness of the Board. We helped individuals to work constructively with their fellow board members and assisted them in devising and agreeing an effective modus operandi for future decision-making.

At the end of the day a director thanked us saying 'We have got more done today than in the last ten meetings together.'

It is often the case that an an impartial facilitator can help you to improve your meeting output, by providing practical and neutral advice and support for difficult or awkward meetings, or for meetings where key decisions need to be made. Oakwood Learning can provide the appropriate consultant for such a need.