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5. Self Directed Work Team Programme

As a leading organisation in this field, we firmly believe that the route to top team performance is for teams to take responsibility for themselves. Once this is done well, they themselves will start solving the issues as they arise, leaving the leader free to look at longer-term strategic issues.

In this programme teams learn about 'self direction', become skilled at problem solving, and learn how to take ownership for their own team's ouput.

Much of our work in this area has been published in leading journals such as 'People Management' and 'Training Officer'.

  • Teams will develop a skill-base for dealing with problems
  • Teams will learn the necessary tools for 'self-management'
  • Teams will develop a migration plan for their own development as a team.

Our work in this area is based on well documented multi-national research which shows that self-direction can have a dramatic effect on both performance and morale.

Who is this for?

  • Teams at any level
  • Teams who are ready to take more responsibility and ownership for decisions
  • Teams with leaders who are able to support the team in making decisions rather than making all the decisions themselves