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Influencing for Results

About the programme

The most powerful influencers in business are able to:

  • Consistently achieve results - and simultaneously
  • Build and maintain superb business relationships
This course - Oakwood Learning's highly acclaimed flagship programme - is based on over 10 years of qualitative research with several hundred managers of all levels being questioned as to how they have been influenced in their roles. From the research we have gleaned the 10 most vital factors behind effective influencing.

Most managers habitually use three or four of these behavioural techniques but are unaware of the remaining six, thereby limiting their true potential to be an effective influencer. Delegates attending this programme will learn to gain both greater depth and range in their influencing styles and their application. The programme uses a powerful 360 questionnaire, in order that delegates gain a full understanding of themselves and how others see them influencing in the workplace.


As a result of attending this programme, you will:

  • Become highly proficient at achieving what you set out to do
  • Improve your communication skills and be more concise and clear when dealing with your subordinates, colleagues, managers and customers.
  • Improve your existing working relationships.
  • Gain greater understanding of your strengths and weaknesses as an influencer.
  • Be able to select from and use a variety of new influence techniques depending on the particular situation.
  • Ultimately become more proficient and effective in the work-place.

Who should attend?

This programme works for anyone who has to influence others without direct power or authority to do so; for example working with colleagues, working on cross-departmental projects, influencing upwards. It also works well for managers who like to manage people in a way other than command and control. Delegates have found that the skills learnt on the programme have been especially useful in managing change.

All our programmes are bespoke. We tailor them to your organisation's needs to ensure that they are highly powerful learning experiences.