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Human Aspects of Change Management

About the programme

In today's business world it is almost impossible to sustain success without continuous organisational change. The 'human' implications resulting from Organisational Change can be very detrimental to a business or organisation. This programme enables you to learn the key skills that are required in order to implement change.

The programme examines a variety of models and approaches to understanding and managing the human responses to change in business; it takes the myths out of these approaches and makes them readily understandable and useable.


As a result of attending this programme you will:

  • Understand the key approaches and models of Change Management
  • Be able to apply these models to your own situation to maximise effectiveness.
  • Understand the various effects on other people that change brings about and be able to view change from an other's perspective.
  • Have a clear plan for positively influencing and managing your own change.
  • Have learned how best to communicate change and what it encompasses.
  • Be able to set objectives, develop plans and review change management progress
  • Be able to develop a more open attitude towards change management and see it as an opportunity for personal growth.

Who should attend?

This programme is suitable for anyone who is involved in the implementation of change and wishes to manage the human aspects of this successfully. Change is used in its broadest sense, from formal change initiatives, to implementation of projects, to re-organisations, to personal change.

All our programmes are bespoke. We tailor them to your organisation's needs to ensure that they are highly powerful learning experiences.